Remember Our Fallen Heroes

Line of Duty Deaths

The men and women of the Houston Fire Department put their lives on the line every day while protecting the citizens of Houston. Every call they respond to may be their "Last Alarm."

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Emil Thompson
Frank Medlenka
Clifford Johnson
Herman Wagner
Clifford Wiese
Patrick O'Hara
Robert Glass
H.A. Harris
Harry Dodd
J.A. "Bob" Boyd
Harold Denny
George Bishop
Claude Edmonds
Edgar Grant
Harry Oxford
John Little Sr.
Aaron O'Brien
William Ward
James Smith
Rudolph Hendricks
Charles Rusk
Esker Rogers
Alfred Schutze
"Molly" Walker
Horrace Gassoway
James Lowth
John Adams
Vernon Dorsett
Robert "Bobby" Milburn
Joseph Connor
Rufus "Bullock" Templet
Charley Middlekauf
Fidel Chabolla
Joseph Solito
Frank Catino
Woodrow Erwin
Delbert Sherfy
William Kersten
D.H. Chandler
Dominic "Don" Contorno
Willis McWhorter
Charles "Jed" Jedlicka
Claude Hopkins
Steve Baranowski
James Walls, Jr.
Truxton Hathaway, Jr.
Lewis "Moe" Richardson
Jackie Ludwick
Thomas Cooper
Lonnie Franklin
Robert Reyes
Ruben Lopez
Steven Mayfield
Jay Jahnke
Lewis Mayo
Kim Smith
Kevin Kulow
Grady Burke