We ask for your help in “Keeping Houston Strong”.

The Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston is dedicated to providing the Houston Fire Department with Equipment and Non-Equipment Support when it’s needed. Because of the public’s generous donations we have been able to supply the below life-saving equipment and non-equipment support for our brave men and women.

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Equipment Support

Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
4/14/2020 Triad Marine & Industrial Supply, Inc. Zodiak FC420 LSRF (2)
5/1/2020 Federal Resources Victory VP300 Electrostatic Decon Sprayer
6/8/2020 Bound Tree Medical Custom Face/Glove Belt Pouches (Qty 3772)
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
10/28/2019 Trassig Corp. Fire Pole Mats (Qty 42)
9/3/2019 Western Fire Chiefs’ Association Fire Data Lab Software
7/26/2019 Clec Distribution LLC UNIMAC 40# Washer Extractor (Qty 29)
Knight Pump for Chemical Injection (Qty 29)
6′ Base for 40# W/E (Qty 29)
FireLinc Setup (Qty 29)
Chemicals – Citro Squeeze 5 Gallon PPE Gear Cleaner (Qty 29)
7/12/2019 Trassig Corp. Fire Pole Mat (Qty 3)
7/12/2019 Trassig Corp. Fire Pole Mat (Qty 2)
7/8/2019 Knapp Chevrolet 2020 3500 gas chassis w/Frazer ambulance module (Qty 1)
6/20/2019 KDL Solutions, LLC Houston AAIR Kit- Model AL4C8X (Qty 1)
5/7/2019 CLEC dba Texas Laundry Extractors Purchased for HFD (Qty 1)
4/29/2019 Home Depot Lawnmower for Station 63 (TimeCutter SS4225)
4/29/2019 Home Depot Grill for Station 15 (Deluxe 6-Burner Prop w/Natural Gas Conversion)
3/15/2019 CLEC dba Texas Laundry Extractors Purchased for HFD (Qty 20)
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
12/28/2018 AristaTek, Inc. PEAC WMD hazmat software
9/19/2018 Scott Equipment, Inc. 40 LB 100 G Force Washer/Extractor

  • M9 Processor with Nine Cycle Selections, Two Fill Valves, Industrial Gamma A Frame, with pump, and 110 Voltage
5/8/2018 Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. Fire House Ventilation System
3/15/2018 One Boat Custom double-stack trailer to be used to transport HFD’s Zodiac F420 inflatable boats
3/15/2018 Rescue Gear, Inc. Inmar Boat

3/13/2018 Triad Marine & Industrial Supply, Inc. ZODIAC FC 420 w/Evinrude (Qty 2)
3/1/2018 One Boat R ONE Series 1660 Rescue Boat (Qty 2) (with navigation lights, bilge pump, TUFFLOOR Liner, 2 SeaTool boxes, and 4 FLOATropes)
Custom Boat Trailer
2/20/2018 Easy Up Inc. CofH K-9 Equipment

  • 1 Eclipse Aluminum Frame, Eclipse Top 10 ft x 10 ft
2/20/2018 Pet Edge CofH K-9 Equipment

  • 48In SS In Line Tub w/Gal Oatmeal Shampoo
2/16/2018 Mist Cooling Inc. CofH K-9 Equipment

  • Cooler Max Portable Fan
2/15/2018 CofH K-9 Equipment

  • 2 Trauma Kits
  • 2 Patrol Harnesses
  • Phase Change Cooling Pad
  • 2 Phase Change Cooling Coat
  • Dog Beds
  • Buddy Bowl
  • Caliber Dog Collapsible
2/13/2018 CMC CofH K-9 Equipment

  • 1 K9 Rappel Harness
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
12/20/2017 General Truck & Body GB-HPV-5T 6×6 Liftgate
Truck-5T 6×6-M923A2 900 Series
12/12/2017 City of Houston Protective Hoods to go over Facemasks
11/1/2017 General Truck & Body High Water Vehicle
6/28/2017 Galls TSA Hi Vis Reflective Large Gear Bags
6/21/2017 Metro Fire Apparatus Specialist In Cab Communication System (Jumper Cable, Power Cable, Radio Interface Cord, Radio Interface Cable, Headset Behind Head Style, Master Station, Radio Junction Module, Radio Interface Headset Station, Remote Headset Station Dual Output, Remote Push to Talk)
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
12/15/2016 Firewipes Firewipes – Case Packs (8″ x 12″ textured industrial strength disposable wipes infused with cleansing compounds for use on all external dermal areas.)
1/13/2016 Metro Fire Apparatus Specialist Blitzfire Nozzles (Qty 21) with Blitzfire Oscillator Combos (Qty 9)
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
12/7/2015 Triad Marine & Industrial Supply, Inc. Zodiac MK4HD
Galvanized Trailor
Tool Box
12/7/2015 Triad Marine & Industrial Supply, Inc. Zodiac FC 420 LSRF (Qty 1)
Evinrude E40DRGL
Fuel Tank
Lettering Plaque
12/7/2015 Triad Marine & Industrial Supply, Inc. Zodiac FC 420 LSRF (Qty 1)
Evinrude E40DRGL
Fuel Tank
Lettering Plaque
Tool Box
Winch Bridle
Ratchet Tie Downs
1/2/2015 Houston Fire Department 1 TNT SLC-28 Super Light C-Cutter
2 Leader 18″ Electronic Variable Speed Ventilation Fans
1 Leader 18″ Gas-Powered Ventilation Fan
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
11/8/2013 Sunbelt Rentals Gas Cutoff and Rescue Saws (Qty 14)
2/1/2013 Cypress Lawn & Turf Equipment Rescue Saws (Qty 14)
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
3/23/2012 Tuff Tread Walking Belt for ST4600 Models (Qty 1)
3/23/2012 Casco Industries Inc Marrying Strap (Qty 16)
3/8/2012 Treadmill Doctor Motor Drive Belt for Treadmills (Qty 4)
2/24/2012 Tuff Tread Walking Belts (Qty 14)
Single Motor Brush (Qty 28)
Rear Roller (Qty 2)
Push Button Kit
Power Supply
Modular Data Cable (Qty 2)
End Caps (Qty 2)
2/12/2012 Alternate Force Flame Retardant Rescue Firehouse Manikin (Qty 2)
2/1/2012 Advanced Rescue Systems Demo 4.0 hp Yanmar Diesel Simo Power Unit (Qty 2)
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
12/7/2011 Dooley Tackaberry High Rise Bag Heavy Duty (Qty 100)
11/1/2011 Dooley Tackaberry Elkhart 228A Inline Pressure Gauge (Qty 19)
Industrial Pipe Wrench (Qty 90)
Iron Straps (Qty 23)
High-Rise Hose Strap (Qty 350)
TNT Rabbit Tool (Qty 20)
Bolt Cutters (Qty 90)
Vice Grips (Qty 90)
Flat Head Screwdriver (Qty 90)
Phillips Screwdriver (Qty 90)
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
12/21/2010 Medilife of Houston, Inc. Survival House
12/16/2010 Grainger Portable Generator, 8000 Rated Watts
12/15/2010 Emergency Response Solutions – Texas Pelican #9410 LED Lantern (Qty 2)
12/9/2010 Tequipment.Net 3-Terminal Analog Ground Tester & Standard Kit
12/8/2010 Office Depot Epson EX3200 Multimedia Projector
12/8/2010 Northern Tool 7 1/4″ Portable Dry Cut Mtl Saw
12/3/2010 Dooley Tackaberry Turboblower
Super Vacuum No. 724VR2
Super Vacuum No. 724G4-H
12/3/2010 B&H Photo-Video Inc. Bose 161 Speaker w/Brackets (Qty 2)
11/29/2010 Noramco Fitness NF4600HRT Super Tread
Jacob’s Ladder Climb
11/29/2010 Noramco Fitness 230 J-8 Micro V Belt (Qty 2)
Single Motor Brush (Qty 12)
4 HP DC Drive Motor (Qty 1)
Walking Belt (Qty 11)
11/23/2010 QuickPro Gear LLC Pelican #9410 LED – Yellow (Qty 5)
11/23/2010 Defender Industries Inc Achilles Fre-124, 2008 Model Aluminum Floor Max Motor
Yamaha 25 HP 4-Stroke Outboard Motor
Moeller Fuel Tank
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
12/09/2009 Triple-S Steel Supply Bar Grating Serrated
Welding Rod
Welding and Safety Hood
Hand Tool
Gas Cutting
Wide Flange Beam
12/9/2009 FLAME-SIM FLAME-SIM V 2009 (Qty 5)
Pentium Dual Core CPU (Qty 5)
12/8/2009 Noramco Fitness Walking Belt Ver 2.0 for ST4600 Models (Qty 9)
Single Motor Brush (Qty 18)
220 J-8 Micro V Drive Belt (Qty 2)
Potentiometer for Jaeger Lift Motor
12/7/2009 Shipper Owned Container 40′ Shipping Container
12/7/2009 Triple-S Steel Supply Bar Grating Serrated
Welding Rod
Welding and Safety Hood
Hand Tool
Gas Cutting
Wide Flange Beam
12/3/2009 Howell Rescue Systems, Inc. Harness, CMC Roco Univ. One Piece Regular (Qty 4)
Harness, CMC Roco Univ. One Piece XL (Qty 3)
12/2/2009 Boat Right Marine Custom Aluminum Rescue Boat
12/2/2009 Metro Fire Appartus Specialists, Inc. Miscellaneous Equipment for Rescue Boat
12/2/2009 MicroSearch Retails Center AG-HCM150P AVCCom
Hard Camera Case
Extended Battery Life
32GB SDHC Card
12/1/2009 Advanced Rescue Systems Super Light C-Cutter w/156,000 Lb Cut Force (Qty 8)
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
11/1/2008 Mayday R.I.T. House Foundation, Framing, Decking, Siding & Roofing
10/16/2008 ORR Safety Corp. EZ Radio Com II (Qty 7)
10/14/2008 Stryker Three Stryker Power Pro-XT Stretcher (Qty 3)
10/9/2008 Advanced Rescue Systems Simo Power Unit w/Roll Cage
Super Light Spreader
Super Light C-Cutter
Telescoping Ram
50′ Hose
Forcible Entry Tool
13 Ton 9′ Lift
26 Ton 12′ Lift
4500/100 Regulator
Dual Deadman Controller
20′ Green Fill Hose
20′ Hose w/Inline Relief
3 Res-Q-Jack Space Saver Adjustable Strut
3/6/2008 ORR Safety Corp. Eagle X Thermal Camera (Qty 1); Eagle 160 Top Level ASM (Qty 7)
3/6/2008 ORR Safety Corp. EZ Radio Com II (Qty 32)
3/6/2008 Metro Fire Appartus Specialists, Inc. Blitzfire Combo Package Flow Range & Straightener
Date Vendor Equipment Purchased
3/28/2007 Masimo Americas Inc CO Pulse Oximeters – Red-57 Handheld (Qty 8)
3/9/2007 Grainger Wheels: 3.5X0 .045X7/8 IN (Qty 300)
3/9/2007 Grainger Batteries: 19.0 V, 2.4 AH (Qty 5)
3/9/2007 Grainger 18 V Cut Off Tool Metal (Qty 44)