The Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston cares about the health and safety of the brave men and women of the Houston Fire Department. We are raising funds so that every one of the 95 stations has a extractor in place to clean and help rid the Fire Fighters’ gear of dangerous carcinogens that can cause cancer. Please help us reach this goal. Donate now.

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Numerous studies have shown that firefighter protective clothing picks up a range of highly toxic contaminants, some of which are known to cause long-term health disorders. Dirty clothing is no longer perceived as a sign of experience, but a health concern among firefighters. NFPA 1851 also establishes requirements for what is called advanced cleaning. Advanced cleaning is a more thorough and complete cleaning that is to be conducted using a washing machine(extractor). The Houston Fire Department has embarked on an aggressive Health and Safety Initiative to extractors. One large aspect of this initiative is to provide extractors to all fire stations so that member can wash their personal protective gear as needed following an incident. As the third largest fire department in that country, this initiative has a large economic component. Trying to outfit 93 fire stations with an extractor at an approximate cost of $9000 a unit is a huge economic undertaking. In an effort to meet this economic demand the Houston Fire Department, working through the Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston, has been approaching private industries to assist in providing our firefighter with the equipment necessary for their Health and Safety. The Unimac 40lb. capacity washer/extractor has become the machine of choice for the Houston Fire Department.

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